20 Inspiring New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020

The New Year is the perfect time to assess and go after new goals. Every January 1 comes with the amazing feeling of a fresh start – 365 pages (or 366 pages this Leap Year 2020) to write the next chapter of your very own novel.

Here are a little more approachable and a lot more inspiring resolution ideas for you to try!


#1: Read a new book every month

Person Reading Book While Sitting


#2: Do something that scares you

Photo of Man Jumping


#3: Buy a new fruit or vegetable every time you do your grocery shopping

Woman Standing Beside Pineapple Fruits


#4: Sign up as a volunteer

Person Holding a Stress Ball


#5: Watch one new documentary a month

Image result for watch tv"


#6: Leave a nice comment on someone else’s social media every day

Person Holding Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy S8 Turn on Near Macbook Pro


#7: Sign up for dance lessons

People Inside Room


#8: Set a firm bedtime

Person Lying on Bed Covering White Blanket


#9: Visit the library

Woman in Black Long-sleeved Looking for Books in Library


#10: Cook dinner at least once a week

Woman In The Kitchen Preparing To Cook


#11: Put some money in savings each week

Silver and Gold Coins


#12: Write a thank-you card to someone from your past

Thank You! Heart Text


#13: Meditate every day

Silhouette of Man Sitting on Grass Field at Daytime


#14: Take a walk outdoors every day

Woman in Black Leggings While Walking on Brown Road


#15: Smile at a stranger every day

Photograph of Men Having Conversation Seating on Chair


#16: Invite a new neighbour over for dinner

Image result for eat"


#17: Get a gratitude journal

Person Writing on White Paper


#18: Take a tech break every day

Woman posing. Wearing White Dress Shirt Sitting on Window


#19: Call your bestie

Closeup portrait of young lady talking on mobile phone


#20: Pamper yourself a little

Person Holding Hand


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