20 Nail-Painting Tips for the Best DIY Manicure

Getting a good manicure at home takes a lot of practice and skill. Even if you’re a DIY pro, at-home manicures never seem to last as long as when the actual pros do it. The simple solution would be to go to the nail salon, but that’s not always time or cost-efficient.

So, here are 20 ways to keep your nails looking perfect when you DIY your manicure.


#1: You only need three strokes

Image result for You only need three strokes for manicure

#2: Always use a base coat

Image result for Always use a base coat for manicure

#3: Don’t forget top coat

#4: Clean up your edges

Image result for clean up your edges for manicure

#5: Find the right white

Image result for Find the right white for manicure

#6: Skip the quick-dry polish

#7: Use cuticle oil religiously

Image result for use cuticle oil for manicure

#8: Dry with cold water

#9: Ground your neon polish

Image result for neon polish for manicure

#10: Thin out your polish

#11: Use only three coats

Image result for use only three coats for manicure

#12: Store your nail polish wisely

#13: Never cut your cuticles

Image result for never cut your cuticles

#14: Clip your hangnails

#15: File carefully

Image result for File carefully for manicure

#16: Don’t shake the bottle

Image result for dont shake the bottle for manicure

#17: Use non-acetone remover

Image result for Use non-acetone remover for manicure

#18: Stay away from hot water

#19: Go for the glitter

Image result for Go for the glitter for manicure

#20: Soak before removing

Image result for soak before removing for manicure


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