Keeping It In The Generation: 3 Benefits on Wearing Family Wedding Dress!

For all women, the wedding day is one of the most important days in their life. Besides, a wedding dress is also as important as it signified the girl has stepped into a new phase of life.

However, there’s a saying ‘”Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue” ‘, which means they’re usually small tokens of love that your mother, sister, other relatives will give you to show their blessing and support towards your wedding. Besides, it can also be a garment to honor a family tradition by wearing their mother’s and even grandmother’s wedding gown.

For all brides to be out there who need some insights on which dress to choose, here are 3 benefits on why you should wear a family wedding dress on your wedding dress!

1. Honor and Tradition
When a bride walks into the wedding hall, and stand at the aisle, it was definitely the most touching moment for all.
However, when a bride wears her mother’s or family wedding dress as her own, it will double the joy and touching moment. The moment can be meant as an honor towards her family and mother for their love and support while she grows up, hence some brides will choose to wear their family wedding dress.
When a daughter wears her mom’s wedding dress the look on her face is priceless as the gown honors her role as a mom and passes on high hopes for the bride to enter into her next chapter as a wife.  Passing on a bridal gown is a beautiful tradition.

2. Fashion Repeats Itself

The styles of wedding dresses tend to repeat over the years, as you will see some of the classical wedding looks are back in the trend nowadays!

Hence, wearing a vintage or family dress will definitely won’t do you wrong. This is because vintage wedding dresses are the most sought of style nowadays by the younger generations, as they feel timeless and trendy look.  1950’s bridal gowns are known for their sweetheart necklines, lace sleeves and some even with Ballerina-length dresses.  These are iconic bridal looks that early translate into today’s bridal fashion.

So, if you have a family wedding dress at home, and the wedding is coming up, it’s time to put the dress into good use! Just simply bring the dress to a wedding dress tailor, and get the dress fitted to your size, and vwäˈlä! You have a one and only wedding dress in the world, that can show your personality and inherit the blessing by your family!

3. Budget Friendly 

Budget is one of the most important elements for today’s couples, as wedding dresses are not cheap to get! And they need to save up the money for other elements such as wedding venues, guests door gifts, caterer services and many more! *headache*

Thus, saving on wedding attire can definitely allow the newlywed couple to focus their expenses on others, as a normal rate for wedding rental will be RM1500++! A family wedding dress will be a good choice for couples who want a memorable wedding with a hint of touching and blissful element in it.

The borrowed gown is a more cost-effective option and will not goes out of style too, as the vintage wedding dresses have a timeless and classical style that suits everyone. Here’s a little tip on the borrowed family dress, you can catch a show on TLC called ‘Something Borrowed, Something New‘ to get some insights on how to transform the classical family wedding dress into a fitted and trendy wedding dress that hugs your figure nicely!

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