4 Most Insane and Outrageous Hairstyles You Should Know!

When it comes to over-the-top hairstyles, it will never be enough for one to go for the extreme! For example, a cat shape hairstyle or even a gecko mohawk! If you have a bold heart and creativity to try out some of the most outrageous hairstyles, just go for it! Just follow your heart and it’s never too late to do things that you like!

Hence, here are the 4 weird hairstyles that will went viral on the internet for the ‘creativity’!

1.Pineapple Hairstyle

In China, Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang, a pineapple seller whose name is Su Chang Feng garnered the interest of the internet when he turned up on the street side selling fruits. You might be wondering what gotten this ordinary guy to be viral on the internet, well is his unique hairstyle!

Mr. Su has been selling pineapple for more than 6 years and this year, he planned to take his business up a notch by cutting his hair into a pineapple style as recommended by his stylist! Surprisingly, his pineapple hairstyle actually improve his sales and manages to sell 150kg to 200kg of pineapples on an average day! Talk about feng shui and superstitious!

2. Tennis Ball Hairstyle

If you a hardcore tennis fan, and looking for a new hairstyle, you can try out this new tennis ball hairstyle!

Inspired by the infamous tennis ball design, this Wimbledon mega fan shows respect to the game by styling his hair as a tennis ball. He will definitely be turning heads with this bright yellow-green and white color hairstyle!

3. Ripe Tomato Hairstyle

Japan is famous for Anime, Harajuku, Sushi, weird game shows and now, they have created a new trend which is the weird hairstyle.

A hipster parlor in Osaka’s Amemura District offers an unusual and weird hairstyle service to the customers, and you will definitely get everybody attentions with this hairstyle! Introducing a bright red and green hairstyle that resembles a ripe tomato! If you love to eat tomatoes and would like to honor this vegetable, you can try out this special and weird hairstyle.

4. ‘Bangs’ Hairstyle

This is an upgraded version of the infamous Bangs hairstyle that all girls favor, with a little twist.

For all females or males out there, if you like to have bangs and wish to make it more stand out as compared to others,  you can try out this ‘bangs’ hairstyle! And you can save up on your usage of shampoo and conditioner too!

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