4 Rarest And Expensive LEGO Sets In The World!

Lego is everyone’s childhood games, as some of us would play with a box of legos for the whole day!

But do you know that some of the lego sets are known as collectible items, due to their expensive prices and complicated pieces? If you don’t know, check out these 4 most expensive lego sets in the world!

1. Millennium Falcon 10179

The Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon was the most expensive LEGO set ever at $499.99 (RM2087) back in the year of 2007! Talk about a major sum of money!

However, if you are planning to get it now for the same price as 2007, then you had made a big mistake! This is because you need to spend at least a 5 figures value, $4000 (RM17000) in order to get it now! So, if you had a Millennium Falcon 10179 at home or knew someone who had it, you need to keep it nicely as it is a valuable item now!


2. Taj Mahal 10189
Originally released in 2008, LEGO Taj Mahal was a 5500+ piece of design that replicated the splendor of the world wonder with incredible detail and price at $299.99 (RM1252). The reason behind the high price is because of the intricate design of the infamous building. Now, an original set of Taj Mahal lego box will cost you nearly $2500 (RM10436)!

If you are interested to buy a similar lego set but do not wish to pay for the high price, LEGO has the one for you! With only a few hundred dollars, you can get yourself a Taj Mahal under the Creator brand with more pieces!


3. Grand Carousel 10196

Grand Carousel is known for giving a whimsical and magical feeling to people, and LEGO came out with Grand Carousel 10196  back in the year of 2009. The set comes with 3,200+ pieces and a functional rotating effect as operated by remote control! It is priced at  $249.99 (RM1043) back in 2009!


4. Statue of Liberty 3450

Do you still remember the most iconic statue in New York City? Yes, it’s the Statue of Liberty! Back in 2000, LEGO released their Statue of Liberty 3450 with the green goddess stands at nearly three-feet tall when fully completed, provided you could actually tell any of the 2,800 green pieces apart from one another to actually complete the build.

If you happen to found the new set of this iconic LEGO set, you will be shocked by the price! Now the price will go up until $3000-4000 (RM12540.00 – RM16720.00)!

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