4 Tricks To Long Lasting Lipstick

How to put on your favorite lipstick without needing to reapply it all the time? Many ladies can relate to this because after we put on our lipstick, it will disappear after we had a meal or had a drink. Then we need to reapply it again and again, and initially, the whole tube of lipstick will go on to waste due to reapplying.

Thus, how can we make sure our favorite lip color stay on the whole day, without needing to reapply it? Here are 4 tips you can make sure to turn any shade into a long-lasting lipstick that sticks around all day.

1. Give your lips a good scrub

A good base simply means that your lip color will stay on longer. You wouldn’t want to put lipstick onto those dry and chapped lips right? So, give your lips a good scrub to get all dry and chapped lips away!

There are many lip scrubs in the market currently, or you can even DIY your own lip scrub at home! Simply mix together one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar, then massage the mixture thoroughly onto your lips and leave it on for 10 minutes. Later, remove all the scrubs with a wet face washer and voila, lips as smooth as baby skin!

Sugar is an effective natural exfoliant. When mixed with honey, it is not only good to eat, it becomes a great moisturizing lip scrub too!

2. Use lip liners for a fuller lips

We, girls, hate it when we draw our lipstick, but it goes out of the line. Hence, lip liners are born! Many girls swear by lip liner, as it will help them to achieve the full lips look. It is used to fill in uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips before applying lipstick to give a smoother shape.

However, girls also use lip liners to fill up their whole lips, so that it can save up the fuss of applying the second layer of lipstick after lip liner.

Tips: According to Cassandra Garcia, Bobbi Brown Editorial Makeup Artist, she explains that in order to achieve the plump and perfect lipstick look, we must apply lipstick first, and then add the liner. This is because you’ll see exactly where you’ll need to line. And when your lipstick starts to fade away, it fades away with your liner. That way you’re not left with a ring around your lips.


3. Blot lips onto paper

After we apply lipstick, normally we will get a thick layer of stain on our lips because we apply the lipstick from the tube. Hence, in order to lessen the quantity of lipstick on lips, give the paper a smooch so that any extra lipstick can be blotted off more evenly. Then you can get the right amount of lipstick on your lips and you can even make the infamous KPOP gradient lipstick look too!

Tips: Blot your lips onto a piece of paper is better than blot them onto tissues because paper absorbs the oils in the lip product better without compromising your application.


4. Apply setting powder onto lips

Another way to make your lipstick stay longer on your lips is by putting transparent setting powder onto your it. Setting powder is a multipurpose makeup item because it can not only set our overall makeup look, but it can help to absorb the excess moisture of the lipstick and keep it in place.

Thus, it’s time to put your setting powder to good use, as it does not only set your make up but can use to set your lipstick look too!

Tips: You must ONLY use a transparent setting powder because the colored powder will affect the overall look. Just simply put a piece of tissue paper on top of your lipstick, then tap on a generous amount of transparent setting powder to lock the look!

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