5 Fun Dates Under RM50 For The Thrifty Couple!

Are you excited for this weekend’s date night or planning to surprise your significant other (just because)? Well, you don’t have to blow up your bank account for the sake of impressing your date.

Sometimes love doesn’t have to be translated to flashy things.Here are 5 super fun and affordable date ideas (under RM50!) for you to spend some romantic time with your other half without being called a cheapskate!

1. Ice-cream date

Malaysia is a hot country, even at night! With temperatures can soar up to 40 degrees at night, what better way to cool off than to have an ice-cream date?
Whether it’s at McDonalds or Family Mart, you two can talk for hours and enjoy each other’s company for under RM10. Sweet!

2. Museums or art galleries

If you guys are into arts and culture, head on down to museums and galleries like Galeri Petronas, the National Visual Arts Gallery or the National Museum.
Not only you can feed your mind and brush up on your cultural knowledge, you can also be thrilled with the exhilarating displays which alternate every fortnight or so.

3. Hiking

Hiking together is not only a healthy activity; it’s also way cheaper than most other adrenaline-infused activities and requires minimal equipment.
And the view at the top is just so Insta-worthy!

4. Animal shelter

Show your sensitive side by volunteering at the animal shelter. The animals kept in the facility would appreciate it if you two give them lots of cuddles and giving them a bath!

5. Trial classes

Surprise your partner with trial classes that you two can enjoy together. Who knows, maybe you guys will soon discover a new hobby or interest?
Take a baking class, pottery-making, batik-drawing or for the adrenaline junkie, an archery class?

There’s a great deal available now at Superdeals.com.my if you’re keen to know more!

Success rate of these suggestions truly depends on the two of you; remember,spending quality time is more valuable than expensive things.

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