5 Hidden Beaches In Malaysia You Need To Visit Now!

Malaysia is a beautiful country with diverse colors of religions and races, from delicious food to beautiful beaches, people from all over the world come to this beautiful country to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sight.

In conjunction with Malaysia Day, here are 5 hidden beaches with blue skies and clear water to refill your vitamin ‘sea’!

1. Pulau Tiga, Sabah

This hidden beach has a very special meaning, as it is known as the Survivor Island after being the first secret location of the hit reality series Survivor!

If you are a fan of this hit reality show, you sure had seen this beautiful sea and it is yet to be explored by the public. Hence, the water is clear and it is a hidden gem you gotta check out!

*Fun facts: This island is known to have therapeutic volcanic mud due to the volcanic eruption hundred years ago!

2. Timba Timba Island

If you are a fan of rare marine life such as frogfish, crab, sea snakes and many more, Timba-Timba Island located near Semporna in Sabah is the island that you need to check out!

This hidden gem is known for frequent sights of blue ribbon eels, moral eels, large coral trouts and many more!

Rare marine lovers, time to book a ticket to this beautiful island!

3. Palm Beach, Mantanani Island

Palm Beach, Mantanani Island is one of the most loved beaches for both the locals and tourists due to its beautiful landscape!

Although it is a crowd favorite, you can still get some private time to yourself as it is not as highly populated as other beaches in Malaysia!

Just take 2-hour drive to Kampung Kuala Abai Jetty in Kota Belud from Kota Kinabalu. Then, another hour to get to the island by speedboat.

4. Juara Beach, Johor

Pulau Tioman is known to many as a beautiful beach in Malaysia, however, Juara Beach is the hidden beach on the east coast of Pulau Tioman and it is not as highly populated as the Pulau Tioman.

With a wide sandy beach, and you can even catch a beautiful glimpse of the sunrise with your loved ones!

5.  Tanjong Jara Beach, Terengganu


This beautiful beach is known for it’s long and golden sandy beach while watching over the South China sea!

If you are planning a relax and therapeutic trip, Tanjong Jara is the best option! With its rare population and clear water, people are loving this beautiful beach.

*Fun Fact: During the month of May to August, you may have the chance to meet the giant turtles making their stop at the beach to lay their eggs, one of the most amazing phenomena to witness.

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