5 Hottest Hair Colors in 2019 You Gotta Try!

Hari Raya is here! Time to put on those brand new Raya clothes, feast on varieties of Raya cuisines and also visit family and friends in open houses! However, what’s better than a change of a new hairstyle to symbolize a new start! This is because new hairstyle also plays an important role in the Raya celebration so that you can have a fresh and new start for the new year!

Nonetheless, if you are still deciding which hair colors to go for, check out these top 5 hottest hair colors in 2019!

1. Dirty Brunette

Brunette is the must-have colors all year round as most girls and boys will dye brunette as it will lighten our complexion and style up our looks!

It is a natural looking color as it will suit everyone’s style, it also incorporates dark blonde pieces with a more neutral and smokey vibe. If you do not dare to try out the bright and vibrant color, maybe you can try Dirty Brunette to change up your look!

2. Faded Pastel

Faded pastel is the hottest hair color of 2019, as people are falling for the washed pastel color! From KPOP idols to Hollywood superstars, all of them are digging the faded pastel look as it will add some fun to your style! Some of them even go the extra miles by dying their hair into pastel rainbow color, which you can see from your Instagram feed!

Hence, if you are a pastel color lover, and brave enough to take on the pastel color challenge, just have it a try for this Raya celebration!

Tips: Some of the popular pastel colors are blue pastel and rose gold pastel colors! 


3. Living Coral

Being known as the color selected by Pantone for 2019, Living Coral is the most popular color of 2019! Not only fashion, makeup, and nails have this color tone, but hair color as well! This bright and attention seeking orange color are inspired by the sea corals!  is Living Coral, an orange coral inspired by the sea.

KPOP idols and Hollywood superstars are loving this new color, some of the prominent figures that rock this hair color are G-Dragon, BTS’s Jin and Kylie Jenner. If you are a fan of Living Coral and wish to have this color onto your hair, then 2019 is the year that you can try it out!

4. Ruby Red 

If you are looking for hair colors that could make your skin looks fairer and whiter, then Ruby Red hair color is the right one for you! The name of Ruby Red is from a gemstone of the same name, it is also symbolic of courage, life force, and passion!

Hence, if you are looking to try out some striking colors for the Hari Raya, this might be the one!

5. Classic Black

Black hair is the basis for all Asians, as we were all born with black hair. However, now Classic Black hair color has made a comeback as the must-have hair color of 2019! This is because it will make your hair look and feel healthier. Besides, dark-coloured locks will also show a healthy radiance that makes your strands look full and shiny.

So, if you are looking to dye a hair color that does not require any lightening ingredients and damaging to your hair follicle, a classic black color will do justice for you!

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