5 Moving Tips That Will Sparks Joy To Your Life

Found a new place that you like and plan to start a new chapter with your loved ones? But, the hassles of packing everything perfectly stands in the way? Fear not, these 5 tricks will definitely ease your packing woes and make it as easy as ABC!

1. Categorize all items into a different group

Before packing everything into one box, it’s best to categorize them into different groups.

When you pack one space at a time, you will be more focus on categorizing all items in a particular space. For example, when you are packing items from the kitchen, just focus on packing everything from there before moving on to another area. So, items from the kitchen will not mix with items from other areas.

2. Personally move valuable items
When it comes to valuable items, such as birth certificates, jewelry, confidential documents and money, the last thing you want is to let strangers move them.

So, to avoid any cases of thievery and robbing, you need to pack them into different boxes and move them on your own. Then you can get a full assurance because if you pack them into boxes, alongside with other items there is a high chance that all valuable items will be gone.

3. Throw out items that you no longer use

Moving time also means spring cleaning time, as you can throw out items as you packing your items into boxes. As quoted by tidying expert Marie Kondo, ‘Hold it to your heart, and ask will it spark joy?’.

Many people face ‘endowment effect’ when they had ownership of the items. If you value something more once you own it, and not willing to throw them away, then you are one of the ‘victim’ of this effect. However, you still need to let go of the items that you do not use, in order to declutter the new house.

4. Label each box on the outside of the box
After you packed up all items, you need to put a label outside of the box, as it will be easier when you need to unpack them.

With a label on the outside, you do not need to open up all the boxes and look for the items that you need to put in your new house. Hence, it will save up lots of time and energy.

5. Schedule your move way ahead
Always plan your move strategically because last minute moving will cause lots of inconveniences. So, you need to schedule and book the moving service a few weeks earlier prior to the day of moving.

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If you are planning to move soon, these handy tips will definitely give you a helping hand and made your move a hassle-free job!

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