5 Must See Real Places That Look Like Optical Illusions

Whether you are an avid photographer, the next big Instagram influencer or you just like to marvel, you must visit these real places that look like optical illusions. Here are 5 of them:


Atlantic Road

This scenic road in Norway looks like it just drops off into the sky. The bridge really just curves down, but when captured from the right angle it looks like a potentially dangerous optical illusion.

Atlantic Road


Mauritius Island

It looks as though there is a waterfall underneath the Indian ocean off of this island, but this optical illusion is actually just sand being pushed off of an underwater shelf called Mascarene Plateau.

Image result for mauritius island"


Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge

This bridge was built in Germany in 1860. It was built in a perfect half-circle so that when the light hits it in just the right place, the bridge appears to be a never-ending circle.

Image result for Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge"


Pedra do Telegrafo

This rock formation in Brazil is the perfect spot to trick your friends into thinking you had a vacation filled with death-defying excursions. What you can’t see is that another flat rock is less than a metre below.

Image result for Pedra do Telegrafo"


Paria Canyon State Park

This natural optical illusion in Arizona is known as The Wave. The stripe patterns on the rock really throw off your depth perception, making it hard to determine the shape of the rocks.

Image result for Paria Canyon State Park"


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