5 Photography Tricks To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend!

To all guys out there, do you know the perfect photography angle for your girlfriend or wife?

If not, it’s time to learn these 6 photography tricks and be the best Insta-boyfriend or hubby to take the most gorgeous OOTD photos for your loved ones!

1. Put One Leg At The Front / Walking Style

This is a popular photography style likes by girls, as it will show out their long and skinny legs!

However, do you know that if you did not catch the correct angle, it will make the girl look short?

Tips: Hence, try to ask the girl to stand by putting one of her leg at the front, also known as walking style because it looks like she is walking when you take the picture. It will make her look natural and pretty as well! 


2. Keep A Distance Between The Surroundings with Head and Body

If you took a photo of your girlfriend or wife, and make them look fat and short, you will be in a great trouble!

So, in order to take a tall and skinny photo of your loved one, make sure to make full use of the surroundings!

Tips: Keep a distance between the surroundings with her head and body, then the outcome will be much more prettier as it will not look near to the camera screen! 


3. Avoid Looking At The Camera 

If she wants to take a natural style of photo, avoid looking at the camera is the best choice! This can shows her side of natural cuteness too!

Tips: Must be natural and not to act too forceful! Hence, guys need to direct your loved ones to act out their natural side!


4. Sitting Down While Make Your Leg Longer

Many girls like to take photos while sitting down, so if the guy does not know the correct photography angle, it will make the girl look fat and short too!

Tips: You can ask your loved one to sit up straight, and elongated her legs by putting her one leg at the front in order to make her look tall and long too!


5. Guys To Take The Camera When Comes To Selfie

It’s time to let the guy to show off her manliness, or even charm your loved ones!

No matter how skinny the girl is, as a guy, it’s a good gesture to be the one that take on the camera when it comes to selfie!

Then, your loved one will definitely thank you for making her look skinny!

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