5 Sexiest Man Alive In Hollywood

When you talk about the hottest and sexiest man alive in Hollywood, who will come to your mind?

Girls, here’s a list of the sexiest man alive that will make your eyes pop! Check and see if your favorite star makes it to the list!

1. Chris Hemsworth

Being known as the Sexiest People Alive by People Magazine in 2004, the Thor actor won ladies heart with his good look and fit physique! Chris Hemsworth is known for his role as Thor for the Marvel series, and also act in the latest spinoff of the infamous Men In Black!

2. Zac Efron

If you are a die-hard Disney fan, you will recognize Zac Efron as the handsome basketball player, Troy in High School Musical series. Other than that, he also acts in Hairspray and The Greatest Showman.

However, he also voted as the hottest men due to his muscular body and handsome look in the Baywatch movie!

3. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is the youngest sibling among the Jonas Brothers, and yet, he captures attention with his fit physique and handsome look!

He also married the top Hollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, and their wedding is super gorgeous!

4. Shawn Mendes

This handsome señor has won the hearts of many girls for his good looks and a muscular body! He is a Canadian born singer and songwriter, Shawn Mendes!

Some of his popular songs that you must have heard of are ‘Senorita’, Stitches’, ‘Treat Me Better’ and many more!

5. Robert Downey Jr

Many know him as the Iron Man in the Marvel series, Robert Downey Jr is the hottest guy in the superhero universe.

Not only that he has the look, but the fit body despite his age too! Other than Iron Man and Avengers, he also acted in numerous movies such as ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’, ‘Tropic Thunder’, ‘Zodiac’ and many more!

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