5 Signs You Are Adulting Hard


The day you received that first employment call, your first pay and exchanged your first business card, those were the days that make you feel like you have successfully transitioned from your heyday as a teenager into the unknown world of adulthood.



Financial freedom

A huge chunk of adulting comes from the ability to manage your own cash by paying your own bills, taxes, expenses, insurance, savings etc. without the help from your parents. The steady flow of cash coming out of your own account will surely make you feel more empowered as an adult.


A place of your own

Owning your own place is a huge deal for any adult as it takes real commitment to be achieved. Only with high level of maturity will one be able to handle the long lists of bills and mortgages. The whole idea might be daunting to some, but the freedom and full independent entitlements that come with it are just priceless.



Switching hobbies

Now that you have a place of your own, it’s time to keep it clean and cozy. You know you are legit adulting when you have a full list of groceries on your phone instead of selfies, cook your own meals from scratch instead of opting for that instant noodle and exchanged your social media time with doing laundry without feeling a single trace of burden but pure joy from being able to do them yourself.


Gone were the days when you would get worked up and kept awake by petty things. The only things that matter now are how to take that relationship to the next level and accomplishing career goals while keeping your place decent enough to live in. Sounds overwhelming? Even an adult needs help at times, check out this awesome aircond cleaning deal on Superdeals.com.my to ease you into adulthood.

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