5 Special Worldwide Desserts You Should Know!

Got a sweet tooth for everything sweet? Always in search of food with a dash of sugar or honey? Let me introduce to you, desserts from all over the world! Every country on this planet has food that best represents their country, for example, ABC shaves ice is Malaysia’s best signature dessert.

Here are the 5 worldwide desserts that you should know about!


1. Gâteau Fondant au Chocolat, France

All chocolate lovers must have heard of the infamous chocolate dessert ‘Molten Chocolate Cake’, as it is one of the must-have items if you love chocolate. But do you know the origin of this infamous dessert is in France? It was known as Gâteau Fondant au Chocolat, also means “melting chocolate cake” in French.

This dark and rich cake is a tricky dessert as it is not as easy as it looks, serve way too early and it’s a sticky pool of hot cake batter; serve too late and it’s a brownie. However, if you got the recipe and timing correct, it will be a tender bite of a chocolate cake with the oozy pleasure of a melted chocolate bar.


2.Polvorónes, Latin America, Spain, and the Philippines

Polvorónes is Spain’s delicacy as they are tiny, powdered cookies that crumble at the lightest touch. These cookies were loved in many countries, some of them are Manila, Mexico, and the United States. People in Spain treat Polvorónes as an afternoon snack or piled onto a dessert tray, where they are known as the most elegant and greatest cookies in the world!

The recipes of making these delicious cookies are vary, as some will include almonds, walnuts or pecans, but each iteration of the cookies shares the same tender bite and origins in Spain.


3.Saffron Ice Cream, Iran

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the “saffron crocus. People usually added them into their cooking of savory meals. However, in Iran, one of their specialty desserts is Saffron Ice Cream which was scented with saffron, rosewater, and pistachios. This dessert is also a favorite during Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

It is also known as bastani, which is a memorable experience on its own, and it’s strong and scented flavor takes the spot of the world’s best-frozen desserts!


4.Sesame Balls, Jian Dui, China

This sweet and savory snack can be seen selling at nyonya stalls in Malaysia, small crunchy balls covered with white sesame on the outside, and filled with sweet bean paste or lotus seeds puree. Just imagine, crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside! This traditional Chinese treat is a popular as dessert during the Lunar New Year celebrations, as it symbolizes good omens for the year to come.

Hence, people will also put this treat onto the offering table during the special occasions in Chinese customs. If you are a fan of glutinous rice desserts, then you will fall in love with this after you take the first bite!


5.Cardamom Buns, Sweden

Cinnamon Bun is no stranger to everyone as we all heard of the infamous bun almost every day in our life, but have you heard of Cardamom Buns? It is a Sweden delicacy, as it is best enjoyed as a part of fika, the coffee break that comes twice daily in many Swedish workplaces.

While a freshly baked cardamom bun is a memorable treat, it’s also a simple and comforting one. In a classic recipe from author Johanna Kindvall, crushed cardamom seeds are stirred into lightly enriched, yeasted dough then rolled up with a sweet layer of sugar and spice.


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