5 Tips To Beat The Heat For A Cooler You

In this scorching hot weather, you can hear many Malaysians are complaining ‘This weather is so hot leh!’, ‘I’m sweating non-stop even though I’m just sitting down in the office.’ ‘and many more. This means that the heat wave is back and the weather had been hotter than ever.

Wondering what you can do to cool down on this hot and stuffy days? Let me give you 5 tips on surviving the heat!

1Stay indoors and keep away from outdoor places

One of the best ways to beat the hot weather is to keep yourself cool by staying indoors and try to not stay under the sun. You can wear hats and short sleeves clothes, it will lower your body temperature even though you are directly under the sun.

However, if you are required to be at outdoors frequently due to work, try to find a shady area to rest whenever you are free.

2. Gulp down tons of water

During this hot weather, the last thing you want is dehydrated. Hence, you need to drink tons of water in order to keep your body cool and hydrated.

One of the good solutions is to get a bottle of isotonic drink, as it can quickly replenish fluid to your body when you are hot and stuffy.

3. Dress in looser cuts and light-colored clothes
With blazing hot weather, skin tight clothes is a big no no, as it will cause you to have skin irritation when you are walking around with it because the sweat on our body will make the skin tight clothes stick to our body.

Hence, if you have plans on going out and wanted to feel airy light, try to choose clothes that are loose and free.

4. Never leave children and pets in the car
When some parents and pet owners decide to go to the nearby store to run some errands, they love to leave their children and pets in the car without leaving the car screen down. However, it will put harm to both the kids and pets, as hot weather will make the closed vehicle to be hot and stuffy.

Thus, if you need to run off to somewhere near to settle your tasks, try to put your children or pets at friends’ or relatives’ house and daycare boarding centers, then you can settle your job with no worries.

5. Get your air conditioner time to time service
Air conditioners had become one of the top priority for everyone, especially on a hot and stuffy day like this. Anyhow, if your air conditioners did not get time to time service, it will not run as smooth as it used to be.

Besides, an overdue air conditioner can cause you to lose a few bucks as you need to pay for the high electric bills too!

So, to avoid paying high electric bills and spends more on purchasing a new air conditioner, just head on to Superdeals for Aircond Chemical Servicing with an affordable price!

With all these tips, you are all ready to defeat the heat wave monster and stay cool with Superdeals! Superdeals – Maximum Savings!

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