5 Types Of Parents You’ll Meet During The School Holidays!

School’s out, scream and shout! School holiday is here and time to plan for your next vacay with your family and loved ones!

But little do you know that during school holidays, there are different types of parents you’ll meet during this fun family day! Here are the 5 types of parents that you get to meet during the school holiday.

1. The ‘let’s head out’ parent

When it comes to school holidays, some parents will choose to bring their kids to enjoy some fresh air from nature. Hence, bring your family to the beach, or goes for a hike up the hill. You can introduce the beautiful nature to them, as well as breathing in the fresh and clean air which they couldn’t get in the big city.

You can even bring them to tour around the city, and do a little sight-seeing of some of the hidden gems in the city!

2. The working parent
For working parents, school holidays meant nothing to them as they still need to work. However, some of the companies do allow you to bring your kids to work so that you can keep them company even though they are having their school holiday.

Hence, just keep your work and life organized, a working parent can also accompany by your kids’ side!

3. The ‘go and play’ parent

Who wouldn’t want to have some fun during the school holiday? Imagine if your parents told you to go and have fun during the school holiday, what will you feel?

They often send their children out to have fun, in order to avoid the arguments and bickering at home. Hence, this type of parent often being voted as No.1 parent by the kids, as they were allowed to have fun all day long!

4. The crafty and hands-on parent
This type of parent loves to do DIY or hands-on crafts, unlike other types of parents, they love to spend time with the kids at home by cutting and pasting the papers. So, the crafty parent will prepare some materials, and allow the kids to use their wildest imagination to create some creative crafts!

You can prepare some egg cartons, old newspapers, toilet rolls and many more, and allow your kids to put in some creativity to create some handy crafts!

5. The organizer parent
When it comes to the school holiday, some parents will organize parties or kiddies trip! They will make an arrangement from venue to food, in order to make their kids and other children happy on this school holiday.

Some of the activities recommended are movies day out, fast food party, and even a Christmas party!

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