5 Types Of People You’ll Meet During Christmas Season!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way….

The season of joy and happiness is here! Time to lay out the food, party games, Christmas decorations, and fashion and get ready to usher the joyful season! But little do you know, there are small groups of people who will particular stand out to you, here are the 5 types of people you’ll meet during the Xmas Season!

1. The jolly season / holiday lover


Holiday season is a joyful season, where you will see people dressing up as Santa Claus giving out presents, or even decorating their houses with bright lights and Christmas wrath!

These are the people who love holiday season, with their rooms decorated with bright lights and Christmas ornaments way before 25th of December. They also are the one who struggles with post-holiday depression the most, and find it hard to let go of the jolly seasons!

2. The perfectionist
You also might meet people who are very particular about the quality of the food, cleanliness of the house, or even the number of ornaments on the Christmas tree!

They are the perfectionist who couldn’t resist a mistake made before and during the holiday season, and would go all out to make sure everything are in order before the big day!

3. The love-birds
When you stand under a mistletoe with your other half, meaning that you both need to kiss to celebrate the season.

However, during the holiday season, you might stumbled upon these love-birds who love to seal a kiss under the mistletoe or even try to find him or herself a date during the Christmas or New Year Eve parties! They are the one who always stick to one another, even though there are heater in the room, they will still need to stick to other half tightly!

4. The Grinch

Image result for hate grinch gif"
If you remember the green colored character who named ‘Grinch’, then you must be familiar with this type of people.

They are the one who hated the jolly and merry season, and hate everything had to do with holidays too! Maybe they were traumatized by some bad memories or just not a big fan of the holiday season, never ever talk anything about holiday season to them!

5. The Holiday Movie Buff
Image result for watch christmas movies gif"

There are also some type of people who love some good, old Christmas movies before the big day come!

They will go all out to track down the movies, and put them on playback mode to watch them over and over again until 25th December 2019! Some of the all time favorite Christmas movies are Hole Alone series, The Santa Clause series, The Polar Express and many more!

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