6 Filthiest Items In Your Home You Should Know!

Still remember when is the last time you cleaned your house thoroughly? If it has been a long time, then you need to start cleaning them now!

This is because our house is actually filled with different kind of germs from our everyday activities. Do you know the actual items that are the filthiest in your home? Here’s the 6 items you need to pay extra attention and clean them frequently!

1. Pillows

Pillows are known to be the home of germs, as it is often filled with dead skin, bugs and even dust mites! Sounds gross?!

This is due to the way we sleep every night, as many of us love to our face onto the pillow, and it will easily infest with different kinds of germs! However, you can wash your pillows by throwing them into the washer, and you will be left with germ-free pillow to sleep every night!

2. Phone 

According to The Health Site, your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat!

This is because we often bring our phones to everywhere we go, and the places could be filled with germs! Then, we will transfer the germs onto our face, ears and even eyes! That is very unhygienic.

However, don’t get scared of your phone and starts to clean it with alcohol wipe daily! This can helps to kill off the bacteria and germs living on your phone, and you can use them safely!

*P.S: Stop Taking Your Phone To The Bathroom!

3. Computer Keyboard 

People nowadays cannot stay away from their computer, as we need to use it for our work-related purpose or even study. So, we bring our laptop everywhere we go, or even have a meal beside our computer keyboard too!

This is how the germs infest into the keyboard and making us sick day by day. In order to clean your computer keyboard, make sure to clean it with alcohol wipe everyday after use, and it will be as clean as a whistle!

4. Clean Laundry 

We all always thought that clean laundry is equivalent to germ-free laundry. You are wrong!

What caused your clean laundry to be dirty? Your washing machine. This is because washing machines are always wet after a few rounds of washing, and it is the perfect breeding ground for the germs and bacteria!

To make sure your laundry are clean and germ-free, add in some vinegar to your load of laundry or even wash your washer with bleach at least once a month!

5. Handbag 

Handbag or purse is also one of the home for bacteria and germs. You might assume it is clean from the look of the exterior, but let me tell you, it is 10 times dirtier than your office toilet seat!

This is because you often brings it to different places, and it can easily attached with germs if your do not clean it daily. So, try to keep your purse of handbag away from the floor or places that is unhygienic, in order to prevent transferring germs to your clean house.

6. Kitchen Sponges 

Still remember how you deal with the wet kitchen sponges after you finished washing your dishes? Leave the wet sponges to dry? If that’s the case, then you need to reconsider to change out all your sponges once and for all!

The wet sponges is often the home for all sorts of germs and bacteria, as the wet and warm environment allows them to stay in. Hence, the next time you use to wash dishes, the germs will be transfer to your clean plates or utensils and spreading all the diseases!

Remember to change out all the sponge on a regular basis to prevent germs from spreading sickness!

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