6 Fragrance Hacks To Make You Smell Amazing All Day Long!

Fragrance makes us feel good, but it also represents a memory or past that are memorable and you would like to keep them in your heart forever.

Hence, some people tend to buy perfume to keep the scent that they like. However, do you know the correct ways to apply perfume? Here are 6 fragrance hacks that you need to know in order to make full use of your expensive perfume!


1. Store In Dry Places

Many of us would put our perfumes on racks in bathroom or table near the window, as it is easily accessible for us. However, the heat, light, and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance. Hence, you will find that your fragrance will finish off in a snap of time, resulting in you in purchasing huge quantities of perfume in a short amount of time.

Instead, simply store them in cool, dry places away from the window.

Tips: For better visual, use a cake stand to display all your perfume.

2. Rub Vaseline

Vaseline is a household staple, as each family has a tub of the miracle petroleum jelly in their home. It has various health benefits such as moisture skin, heals scar and burnt skin, softens skin and many more!

Besides, this wonder tub of petroleum jelly can also help to lock fragrance to your skin! Just rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume, this can helps to lock in the fragrance and make it stay for one whole day!

3. Use Moisture To Lock In Perfume

Wonder if spraying perfume after bath is a good idea? Well, it’s a very good idea to lock in the scent to your body!

This is because the moisture on your skin will lock in the scent, and you will be filled with your favorite scent for one whole day! Besides, spraying fragrance onto your body right after a bath helps to prevent the fragrance from staining delicate clothes and jewelry.

4. No Dabbing Fragrance on The Wrist

Dabbing fragrance on the wrist is like a habit for all of us, we thought that dabbing on the wrist could make the scent last longer on our body. However, it is a wrong move to take as it will force the top notes of the fragrance to disappear faster.

Hence, you can spray the perfume onto your clothes or parts of your body, as the scent will stay longer than dabbing on the wrist!

5. Target Pulse Points

One of the ways to make perfume last long is to target pulse points and warm areas on your body. This is because different people have different temperature on their body, hence perfume will smell differently on each and every one of us.

Just target pulse points according to the chart on top, and it can guarantee you to smell good all day long!

6. Get To Know Common Fragrance Terms

Before you purchase any perfume, you need to familiarize yourself with common fragrance terms in order to know what the sales associates are referring to when helping you find a new perfume. So, you need to know all four different terms of fragrance which are Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne.

Besides, you need to know the concentration level of the 4 different types of fragrance too! Then you can easily found the perfume that suits you the most!

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