6 Great Family Holiday Spots You & The Kids Can Enjoy!

The school holidays are here again! No more traffic jams, no more chaotic mornings prepping breakfast and everyone for school.

Now that you have all the stress behind you (for a few days, at least!), it’s time to kick back and relax.


But here comes the daunting task of keeping the kids entertained. Have you planned any fun activities to do with them yet?

If you haven’t, then we have a marvellous idea for you: go on a family trip! Be it an overseas adventure or a domestic getaway, these destinations will sure be a cherished memory for the whole family!

Let’s start with some awesome local tourist spots:

1. Langkawi Island, Kedah

Langkawi is dubbed The Jewel of Kedah for a good reason! With its serene beaches, gorgeous marine life, captivating natural splendours and rich history, the popular family vacay location surely have something for everyone. Go on the suspensefully-suspended Langkawi Sky Bridge to witness the island from a bird’s eye view, or pay a visit to Mahsuri’s Mausoleum, a legendary maiden whose beauty caused a 7-generation curse to befall on the island. Intrigued yet?

2. Penang Island, Penang

A bustling city and an island escape, Penang Island offers the best of both worlds. The former colonial state is also a melting pot of cultures, which is an absolute upside as the local food never disappoint! Treat your tastebuds and feast on local gastronomic delights like assam laksa, mee sotong and nasi lemuni. Once you’ve had your fill, work the carbs off by taking a walk with the family along the island’s tranquil beaches, or explore UNESCO World Heritage Site, Georgetown, with your camera and admire the city’s well-preserved heritage buildings.

3. Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Kota Bharu is a chilled place, but to call it sleepy is highly discourteous! The city boasts unique cultural experiences such as authentic local food and a vibrant arts scene. Savour nasi kerabu, a rice dish that has a blue tint thanks to the natural dye from the butterfly pea plant, ayam percik (flame-grilled chicken in spicy coconut gravy) or the smorgasbord of traditional Kelantanese sweets such as kuih tahi itik (duck’s dropping cake) and kuih jala emas (golden net pancake), before enjoying a wau bulan or wayang kulit (shadow puppet)-making demo and batik-painting with the kids!

……..Now, why not take it further across the border!

1.Khao Yai, Thailand

Khao Yai is one of the most picturesque regions that this beautiful country has to offer, and the best news is that it’s only located a short 3 hours’ drive away from Bangkok. Khao Yai is generally a few degrees cooler than Bangkok but the cool weather and clear skies are best experienced during the post-monsoon/winter season between November – February. Average temperatures in the day hover around a comfortable mid-20 and drops to 10-15°C at night. Don’t forget to enjoy the scenic and golden sunflower fields there, too!

2. Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin is one of the most underrated travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Beautiful beaches, cultural heritage spots, stunning nature sites and delicious food, Hua Hin is a city every Malaysian should visit at least once! Perhaps the most photogenic spot in this list, Santorini Park was built inspired by the island of Santorini in Greece. All the buildings in Santorini Park are painted in white and blue, which makes the perfect backdrop if you love photography and Instagramming.

3. Pattaya, Thailand

This vibrant coastal city has so much to offer from sunrise to sunset. Pattaya’s beaches are constantly brimming with life, as water sports lovers and sun worshippers take to the waters. There is also a fantastic floating market called the Four Regions Floating market, which has more than 114 vendors offering their wares on small boats. That’s not all, Pattaya is also home to a choice of outstanding water parks, including the largest in all of Thailand, with dozens of slides and rides between them. The biggest and best, including Ramayana Water Park and Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, are located just about 20 minutes away from Pattaya City!

Where’s China or Japan, you ask? That’s because we have a special offer for these three destinations! Go check them out and get the kids ready!


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