6 Things Your Senior Dogs Will Be Grateful To You For Doing!

If you are a dog person like me, then you definitely give the best to your furry kids such as pretty clothes, beds, toys and many more!

However, as their age become older, we need to pay extra attention to keep them healthy and happy. This is because senior dogs might have joints and health issues. Thus, many pet owners do not know how to keep their senior dogs healthy, hence here are the top 6 things that you need to do to your senior dogs, and they will thank you for that!

1.  Change of Diet
Just like a human senior citizen, senior dogs also need a change of diet to keep their body healthy and energetic. Older dogs need different amounts of certain nutrients than young dogs and puppies because their body was not as healthy and active as younger ones.

If you wish to change your senior’ dog’s diet, you can consult with your veterinarian to decide what is best for your senior dog.

Tips: Give more carrots to your fur baby, as it will help to protect their eyes because older dogs will have weaker eye sights. 

2. Weight Control
Your senior dog might need a bundle of nutrients in their diet, but you also need to watch over their calories intake too! This is because senior dogs are prone to weight gain, as their metabolism are getting slower. Hence, if you love your doggy, just feed them the right amount of food and nutrients, and stay firm on the amount even though they beg for more. This is for their own good!

Tips: If your doggy is gaining weight, you can try to feed them weight control dog food or cook up some delicious yet healthy meal for your pup! 

3. More Beds
Senior dogs will spend more time sleeping than their younger selves, so giving them some extra beds and blankets to lie on will be much appreciated. The softer the better, this is because a soft bed will be comfortable for their stiff and hard body. As many of the senior dogs’ body becomes stiff and hard due to their age, so just get them the fluffiest bed that you can find, and they will thank you for that.

Tips: Get the fluffiest bed with a piece of your everyday wear shirt, and your senior dogs will sleep like a child in it! 

4. Keep Active
The older the doggy, the more exercise you need for them! This is because older dogs tend to have joint or heart problem, so just bring them to walk to the nearest park will help them too! However, you cannot over exercised them because of their age too. So. make sure you let them do a moderate amount of exercise to keep their body healthy and energetic!

Tips: Customize some moderate exercise to do with your fur baby, not only they can stay active and healthy but can also let them feel the closeness between them and the owner! 

5. Increased Veterinary Care
As your dog ages, you will need to bring your senior fur baby to visit the vet in a frequent amount! However, if you wish to cut down the visitations to the vet, you can care for your senior doggy with some supplements.

Unless your doggy is suffered from severe illness, then you need to bring them to the vet immediately!

Tips: Monitor your senior dog’s everyday activities, if there’s any problem or out of the blue, be reminded to bring them to the vet immediately!

6. Be There For Your Senior Doggy
Sometimes what your senior doggy needs is just a hug or companion from you! Especially senior dogs need more attention and care, as they feel the loneliness more often as compared to younger pups! If you are a working adult and your senior dog is alone at home, is better to get it a companion such as a puppy as the senior dog will have someone to be with it while you are at work!

So, just be there for your dog and give them a hug after work! And they will feel happier and even healthier too!

Tips: If you have a senior dog at home, just buy a monitor camera to capture its activities and to make sure that it is in a safe and healthy condition!

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