8 Ways To Remove Smells From Your Hijab!

For the messy eaters out there, we all know how it feels like to get specks of soup on us every time we take a slurp of hor fun.

But for women who don the hijab AND gobbles food like a binge-eating pterodactyl, smelly tudung is inevitable and a normal occurrence. Laksa-scented hijab? Eww, no thanks!

This is a problem that most of us hijabis face especially when it is hot and humid because we are constantly sweating and the hijab or scarf is absorbing the foul-smelling sweat. Here are 8 tried-and-tested ways to counter the problem—stat!

1.Bar Soap

Use cold or tepid water and regular bar soap to rinse out your scarf. After doing this squeeze out any excess water and allow the scarf to air dry naturally. This is a great tip because it’s easily accessible, has a lot of varieties and scents and most importantly, super CHEAP!

2. Baking soda


If your scarf or hijab is letting out very strong smells, try covering the hijab all over with baking soda to absorb the smell. Some people strongly recommend placing the scarf and baking soda inside a plastic bag and leave it for a whole day for it to work. Then, take it out and shake all the excess baking soda off and leave to air out.

How does it work? Baking soda is an amphoteric substance, which means it can act as both acid and a base. Many odour-causing compounds, either acids or bases, react with it to form a less volatile salt, which reduces the odour.

3. Let it air out

This is one of the greatest and quickest solutions for hijabs that have a “slight” smell. All you have to do is quite literally follow Taylor Swift’s technique and shake it off. If the song can work for a nurse teaching hand washing techniques it can work for us to just shake it off and let it breathe out.

4. Hang it out the old-fashioned way – on a clothesline!

Remember those golden old age days when our mothers’ use to hang out clothes to dry under the bacteria-killing hot sun? Well, this tactic works brilliantly and is similar to the first but involves a bit more time. Try leaving your scarf or hijab out in the fresh air overnight to get rid of the stench. If you don’t have a washing line, you can hang it on the back of a chair with the ceiling fan on full blast.

5. Spray a dash of perfume

Okay, so by a dash we mean a quick spritz, not have all the perfume bottle onto your hijab or scarf. Why? Because the whole world does not need to smell your heavily-perfumed hijab. Use a perfume that is subtle in smell but strong enough to override the smell of the hijab. You don’t want to smell like a walking perfume counter.

6. Essential oils

Dab your hijab with a few drops of essential oils such as orange blossom or lavender. Plus, the fragrance can also act as aromatherapy so who doesn’t love that? Just lay your hijab flat and air it out to allow the oils to absorb the smell. Now you’re all set to head out!

7. Vinegar

Hand wash your scarves or hijabs, add 1/4 cup white vinegar to the water, rinse well and hang out to dry. Once the hijabs or scarves have dried the icky smell will ‘magically’ gone and if you’re lucky, any stains you might have had would also vanish!

Or when all else fails…..

8. Use Niqa Hijab Wash and Hijab Perfume!

Why Niqa Hijab Wash and Perfume?

  • It’s the perfect hijab care

Liquid detergent exclusively for Hijab that can remove foundation, sweat stain effectively, and protect your high-quality fabrics.

  • It takes care of your beloved hijabs

The formula is well designed to preserve the shape and integrity of the colour and shape of your hijab.

  • Saves time & energy

With just a simple step as easy as a soak, rinse, and dry. The formula also contains softening agent to ease ironing. So easy!

  • Delightful fragrance

The formula contains perfume extract for a long lasting smell. Ideal for indoor laundry without worrying about its smell.

So where can you get Niqa Hijab Wash and Hijab Perfume?

Only at Superdeals, of course! To purchase, you can get it exclusively here.


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