Funny Places to End a Relationship

 When you want to call it quits, the first big question is: how??? Most of the time, breaking up with someone isn’t exactly fun or exciting. You have to choose a time and a place when no time and place seem right. Fortunately, here are some suggestions (funny ones, of course) to make the whole process a bit easier by helping you pick out the ideal locale.


  • At a museum, preferably one with dinosaurs. “You know what else is extinct? This relationship.”

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  • At your least favorite restaurant. If you go to your favorite restaurant, you’ll never be able to eat there without picturing them crying into their plate.
  • On a roller coaster. It’s SO symbolic of your relationship.

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  • In a haunted house to show him, there are things scarier than being alone.
  • As their train pulls away. It’s not your fault if they can’t read lips.

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  • Near another couple breaking up. It’s almost like going on a double date if the date ended with two people sobbing at Chili’s.
  • At a concert. Everyone around you will think they’re crying because they just really love Jay-Z.
  • In a taxi. You can hop out when they start talking about “all the good times.”

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  • At the Apple store. “I need an iPhone 11, and you’re more like an iPhone 4.”
  • While their mouth is full. There’s no opportunity for them to object.
  • Hiking up a mountain, to show them if they can climb six miles on an incline, they can get over a nine-year relationship.

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  • At a wedding. “Love is in the air…just, not the air that we’re breathing.”
  • In a foreign country, for the overachiever. Now you can break up with them in two languages.
  • At the park on a crisp, autumn day. Like the leaves, your love is dead.

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