Cooking For Beginners 101: 5 Tips For First Time Cooks

Do you still remember your first time cooking experience? Did it went on pretty good or it just goes horribly wrong?

Cooking skills can be mastered by anyone, as some have the talent and skill to cook a scrumptious dish, while some might need to take on a few lessons to master the skills! However, it’s never too late to learn the skill no matter what age you age, so here are 5 tips for all first-time cooks!

1. Remember to taste your food before you serve them

One of the most critical steps when it comes to cooking is to always taste your food before you serve them to the guests!

Yup! Tasting is very important because once you serve them to the guests, there’s no turning back. So, in order to serve the tastiest food to your family and loved ones, remember to taste, taste, TASTE!

2. Get organized before you cook

You always watched from the cooking shows, where the cook will put every ingredient in place and prep them before starts cooking them.

Hence, getting organized is one of the most important steps in cooking. Just read through your recipe and prep all your ingredients and utensils before starts cooking, then you won’t feel overwhelmed when you start cooking.

3. Use the best ingredients 

In order to cook delicious and healthy dishes, you need the best ingredients!

So, remember to get the freshest and best ingredients you can get in grocery stalls, then you a step closer to the become the Masterchef!

4. Always keep good olive oil and lemons 

Olive oil is one of the most versatile ingredient in our kitchen cabinet, because we can use them as cooking oil, salad dressing, and even as a healthy dip for bread! There’s no way olive oil is not the best ingredient for all the cooks.

On the other head, lemon has numerous health benefits as well. So, if you wish to cook a healthy and yummy meal for your loved ones, remember to get these two items as your must-have ingredients in your kitchen!

5. Timing is the essence

You can’t rush perfection as cooking is all about timing, timing, TIMING!

If you want to make a perfect healthy and yummy dish, you can’t rush the cooking process as many dishes need some time to stew or cool off. Hence, just think of cooking as a relaxing activity, then you will not rush the process.

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