Enrich Yourself: 5 Fun New Skills To Learn In Your Spare Time

To succeed in modern times, you need to be equipped with skills that can contribute to your professional and personal life.

Successful people make the commitment to dedicate their spare time in the pursuit of learning and they stick to their promise of learning.

With that in mind, there are countless things you can learn in your spare time. We’ve listed a few skills you can learn and put to good use (sooner or later!):

1.Play the guitar


Research actually shows that the brains of guitar players work slightly differently than those of everyone else. The process and art of learning to play the chords on a guitar and read sheet music can open up new neural pathways and rewire the brain in a positive way that can lead to cognitive benefits.

And playing the guitar actually makes you look cooler. #FACT!

2. Makeup and hairdo


Whilst you may already be great at applying makeup, there’s not a limit to how much you can learn. Doing a makeup course is likely to teach you new skills and techniques you haven’t attempted before – remember there’s only so much that YouTube videos can teach you!

A professional makeup course is that it will help you to secure a job in the beauty industry. If there’s only one role at a company and there’s little between you and another candidate, your professional makeup training will help you pip them to the post.

3. Take up photography


A criticism that is often heard today is that people spend too much time taking pictures of their experiences instead of living them. However, the photographs play the important role of allowing people to hold on to memories and show the rest of the world a peek into their lives while also telling a story.

Everyone should learn some photography because it provides several benefits. It is a fun hobby and can help you grow as a person by cultivating creativity!

4. Gardening


Maybe you’ve tried to grow things in your garden before, but your previous results made this seem like it was not a skill you could master.

However, if you learn how to grow your own flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits, you can save a lot of money and have a beautiful yard to look at. Also, eating food straight from your garden is the healthiest way to get the nutrients that your body needs!

5. Cook Like a PRO


While it is certainly one thing to be able to create a four-course meal at the last minute, it is another to be able to at least make a decent pasta dinner, a nice pot of soup, and a winning batch of chocolate chip cookies without the help from a box. Having the skill of cooking well will help you out for your entire life.

First, you will be able to know what is going into your food and therefore what is going into your body. You can control how much fat and salt goes into your dishes to create a healthy diet for yourself and your family. Also, you can impress your friends and family when you have them over for dinner, even if you just make something simple. Lastly, you will save a lot of money eating at home versus eating at a restaurant. You can make enough food at home to have leftovers for lunch the next day and even to freeze meals for a future dinner! #YASSS!



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