How to Pose Better for Photos

Every day we see all the beautiful, stunning photos posted by our favourite celebrities, models, singers and actors on Instagram and we wonder how they manage to look so good so effortlessly. Well, other than finding the right lighting and photo editing app, the way we pose is also very important. Here are ways for you to pose better for your photos.

  1. Know your Body

Whatever your body height or weight, knowing your body will help you pose better by adjusting your posture and angle to trick the camera into thinking you actually look the way you do in your photos. It also helps highlight your best features.

  1. Using a prop

Anything can be a prop. You just have to be smart on how you want to use it. Your phone? Pretend you’re calling someone. A cup of coffee? Hold it in front of you to cover half your face and smile. Your hat? Use one hand to “adjust” your hat or put both hands and pretend you’re keeping it from being blown away.

  1. Leaning 

You don’t necessarily need to find a wall to lean on it. Whatever you can use in your surroundings to lean on, use it. Lean on a box, a bike, lean on the side, front, from behind, while standing or sitting. You can even lean on a friend too to show how close the two of you are.

  1. Looking away

The first thing we do when a camera is pointed at us is of course to look at it and smile but if you want to make it interesting, try looking away. Find a focus point and stare at it. You can smile, laugh or keep it neutral. It makes people wonder, what were you looking at? If you don’t want to look at anything, you can try facing away and close your eyes as if you are taking in the moment.

  1. Hand(s) on your Head

You may have seen this pose on a lot of people’s Instagram feed where they put one or both their hands on or behind their heads. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t know what to do with your hands while posing for a photo, this is one of the best tricks you can try and you will appear less awkward too. 

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