Manicure 101: Get To Know The Shape Of Your Nail

Every girl loves a good and pretty manicure, as it does not only make our fingers pretty, it is also known as a stress-relieving activity for all!

Thus, if you are looking for a bonding activity with your sister, and wish to give a makeover for your nails, it’s time to get manicure!

But first thing first, you need to know the shape of your nail in order to find the perfect manicure design for your nails!

1. Round Shape

If you favor round nails, it indicates that you have a conservative personality, and love things simple and nice. As quoted, ‘Minimalism is the ultimate sophistication’.

Besides, if you need to constantly carry out activities with your hand and like to keep your nails short and simple, then you can let your manicurist know and let her work her magic and turn your nails into round shape! Round nails are easier to take care when it comes to maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the nails too!

2. Oval Shape 

Looking for a classic manicure, oval-shaped nails will be the best suit for you!

An oval shape nail is popular among the girls as the nail itself has a larger space for you to add in your creativity. And if you are a girly girl, oval shape nail will be the best suit for you! If you are looking to do a complicated or complicated design manicure, you can try to cut your nails into oval shape!

3. Almond Shape

Almond shape nails are the most popular style as voted by girls. This is because almond shape nails are able to make us look more girlish and classy and it has more space to allow us to use our creativity.

4. Round Square Shape

This is another popular style that are like-able by many girls of any age. As it suits any finger length, so if you happens to have short hands, you will look good in round square nails too!

Besides, it also has a bigger space for us to draw onto our nails with nail arts and jewels.

So for all ladies out there, if you are looking to do a manicure soon, just follow these tips and you are on safe hands! And SuperDeals got the best deals for you, get Express Gel Manicure for 1 Person by Luminous Beauty Parlour for only RM49! Hurry get these deal before it’s too late!


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