Saggy and Wrinkle Skin at Young Age? Time to Replenish Collagen in Your Body!

There’s always a saying when you hit 25 years old, your skin will start to age and it will become saggy, darken and full of wrinkles. Some men and women go through surgeries and injections, just to make their skin young, smooth and wrinkle-free.

However, there are many ways that you can regain that youthful and bouncy skin without needing to go under the knife. Here are the 5 foods that you can eat to replenish collagen!


1. Berries
It is known to many people that berries carry abundant of antioxidants, as they will make our skin glow and young. Our body needs Vitamin C because it is crucial for pre-collagen production, it also serves as a powerful antioxidant.

All berries in the family such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries are loaded with antioxidants that fight those skin-ravaging free radicals while boosting collagen.


2. Bone Broth
Bone broth is well known for its richness in collagen, women and men often boil it as soup as it will provide the much-needed nutrients that our body needs. It is rich in collagen as it can restore collagen in your skin and make those wrinkles disappear.

Besides, the gelatin derived from the collagen you get in bone broth heals your digestive tract which is a surefire way to prevent inflammation and aging skin. Cooking collagen turns it to gelatin, which provides the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.


3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes is a super vegetable, where it contains a healthy dose of lycopene, an amino acid that protects our skin from sunlight. Adding tomatoes to our diet can help to preserve youthful skin. If you want to achieve a better result, it’s best to consume the vegetable on its own and not drink tomato juice or tomato sauce.

Likewise, it can also help to protect your collagen supply from environmental damage due to Lycopene that was also found in other red and orange vegetables, such as watermelon and pink grapefruit.


4. Lean turkey
Turkey is one of the must-have meat dishes during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is not only a yummy dish but also nutritious boosting meat for our body too. It contains a vital skin-friendly protein called ‘carnosine’, which will slow down a process in the skin called cross-linking.

Also, fibers grow into the collagen of the skin making it stiff and inelastic. It will result in preventing smile lines and crows feet which worry most women and men the most. Hence, save up all your money on buying anti-aging skin care products and let’s eat more turkey meats!


5. Chlorella
For green juice lovers, Chlorella is a single-celled algae that are sold in a green tablet or powder form. This healthy algae does not only carry beta-carotene, but it also contains another nutrient that may help boost collagen production, Chlorella Growth Factor.

If you like green juice, just can take chlorella in powder form and add it to your smoothies. But if you do not like the grassy smell, you can take chlorella tablets as a supplement too!

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