Smart Ways To Save On Your Wedding

Don’t cut on the food
We love going to weddings because we want to celebrate the lovebirds, yes. But let’s be real. Who here does not look forward for the food? So how does an array of delish wedding dishes help you to cut on your budget? Here’s the general rule, when the food is satisfactory, guests will most likely pay less attention to other elements of the wedding. Thus, let us focus on the other elements that can actually be done on a budget without ruining the whole mood of your wedding and the guests’.


Lessen the unnecessary
When we say food, cake is not one of them. A simple and beautiful one- or two-tier cake with classic filling is more than enough for that quintessential cake-cutting moment. As for the door gifts, a small token such as cotton candy or candies is enough to put a smile on your guests’ face without going overboard with your budget. Trust us, that fancy personalized porcelain mug with you and your partner’s initials engraved on it might be cute for you, but will eventually ended up on your guests’ cupboard collecting dusts.


Wedding fairs
Nowadays there are many wedding fairs that offer attractive packages. From makeup, venue, food catering up to the wedding decoration, they got it all covered in one package with competitive prices. Try to go to as many different fairs as possible and make comparisons between the different packages offered. You might land yourself a total bargain that will save you a few hundred bucks and save a lot of your time from having to find a few different experts for each.


Get your friends and acquaintances on board

Instead of having your friends pose as a string of bridesmaids, why not get those friends who can sing, host, do make up or produce acceptional wedding videos to help you out in their line of expertise. Not only will you be able to cut on the expenses, your wedding will also be a memorable one with the help from your circle of friends.


Do not over invite
The parents will most probably not agree with us on this, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an intimate wedding ceremony with just your loved ones? But not to worry. No matter how many guests you ended up inviting, this cute and super convenient e-card digital invitation on Superdeals will surely help you stay within your budget!

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