Things You Can (and Can’t) Take from Your Hotel Room

Most hotels want you to feel at home in your room, so they fill it with nice things. They’re so nice that you might be tempted to take them home with you, but before you start stuffing your suitcase with goodies, take a minute to learn what’s okay and what’s off-limits to take home from your hotel room. 



Mini toiletries 

Travel-size soap,  shampoo, and conditioner are fine to take from your hotel room. Hotels sometimes brand these items, so taking their shampoos gets the word out about them.

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Hotels expect you to take the white slippers in plastic packaging that sit inside the hotel wardrobe, as they never re-use them.

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These paper items also usually have the hotel brand name on them and serve as a marketing tool. Feel free to take them with you!

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These plush robes are one of the most common items people think they can take from hotel rooms, but can’t. 

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This one should be obvious, but in case it isn’t, hotels do not want you to take their pillows home. 

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Sheets and towels

Sheets — and the following items — are the ones you shouldn’t take from hotel rooms. Taking pricy essentials make it harder for hotel staff to do their job

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In most cases, there are disclaimers on all items that shouldn’t leave the room — especially in the case of pricy electronics.

Holding a digital tablet in bed


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