Unique Breakfasts All Over The World!

Breakfast is the most important meal throughout the whole day, as we need the energy to carry activities throughout the day. Hence, it’s best to have a wholesome and filling breakfast to make sure you have enough energy to start your day!

However, do you know different countries offer different breakfasts around the globe? Here are 5 unique breakfasts you need to know about!

1. Japan

Japanese are known for their healthy eating lifestyle, as they often opt for an organic and healthy lifestyle. Some of the most favorite Japanese food for breakfast are Miso soup, grilled fish, Japanese omelet, corn mixed rice and many more!

Japanese breakfasts can be divided into two different categories such as Wafuu (traditional) and youfuu (western).

Wafuu breakfast consists of rice, fish, sticky soybeans, miso soup and seaweed. However, a youfuu breakfast has eggs, buttered toast, potato salad, and coffee.

2. Turkey

In Turkey, a full traditional breakfast, also known as kahvalti happens every single day of the week, and it’s just like a ritual on for the locals on Wednesday and Sunday. It usually consists of cheese, honey, olives, jam, fruit, bread, and an omelet.

3. Nigeria

Breakfast in Nigeria is quick and easy to made too, as most Nigerians prefer to eat the leftovers from their previous day’s dinner, and just make a meal by using the leftovers.

Traditional Nigerian breakfast, also known as Yoruba includes Ogi and Akara (cornmeal and bean cakes) and well as yam and fried eggs, and fried plantain.

4. Lebanon

A fulfilling and wholesome Lebanese breakfast usually made up of different food, such as thick, creamy labneh and olive oil, cheese, olives, zaatar, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh mint leaves, Lebanese bread, and tea.

However, one of their most popular food during breakfast is Manakish, a flatbread flavored with za’atar and cheese, served with tomatoes.

5. Brazil

Brazil might be famous for its football but so does their traditional German breakfast! It consists of different varieties of Brötchen (bread rolls), cheeses, hams, salami, Schwarzwälder, marmalade or jam, chocolate spread, and honey.

If you are looking to try a traditional Brazilian breakfast, give bolo de fuba a try! It’s a cornbread-style cake with a moist and creamy texture, and a touch of grated Parmesan cheese or shredded coconut. Trust me, it’s a yummylicious snack!

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