When Love Alone Is Not Enough Pt.1

It’s been exactly five days since we last talked.

We had a huge fight over her booking flight tickets to South Korea for the both of us without any sort of discussion.

I’ve tried everything. I called her, texted her, waited outside her apartment, even at her workplace, but she seems to know and managed to avoid me every single time.

I even almost got arrested once for acting so much like a stalker.

This has to end.

I ran to the nearest department store and bought her favourite snacks and drinks. Standing outside her apartment yet again, I thought of the harsh words I’ve spat at her during our argument and could not have felt more apologetic.

I knocked on her door a few times before pressing on the bell at the side.

No response.

Banging on the door while calling out to her, I prayed so desperately to hear her voice once again.

Leaning my head against the door, I let my ear touch the cold surface.

Faint noises from the television and a slight squeak from a chair sent a jab to my heart.

I left the snacks by her door and walked back to my car, discouraged.

What if this is really the end?

I locked myself in the car as the engine roared to life, raindrops trickling across the windshield. I stared blankly at the rearview mirror at the car parked behind mine.

It was her car.

(To be continued…..)


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