When Love Alone Is Not Enough Pt.2

(Continued from When Love Alone Is Not Enough Pt.1)

My vision blurred as tears filled the corner of my eyes. I shouldn’t have snapped when all she wanted was to surprise me for our anniversary.

Then it hit me.

I took out my phone and started texting her frantically. It was as if something or someone else took over.

“7:30 PM: Are you the guardian of this phone owner? He got into an accident, please come to Sunway Medical Centre ASAP. “

Exactly a minute later, as expected, I saw her running out of her apartment, hair dishevelled, body drenched from the rain.

I got out of my car immediately, not bothering to get the umbrella from the backseat, and ran to her.

She was in disbelief when she saw me.

She tried to free herself from me when I grabbed onto her wrist.

Nevertheless, I was relieved to see her. I managed to persuade her to sit down and talk to me.

Ironically, we had to pick a special place to dine in.

“Welcome to Tony Roma’s, table for two?” A waiter asked as he bowed ever so slightly.

She rolled her eyes.

“Look, I’m really sorry I had to resort to that to call you out, but I just really want to apologise to you for what I did the other day,” I said as we sat down at a table right in a corner.

“What did you do wrong?” she said nonchalantly.

This is it. If I mess up now there’s no going back.

“I-I just wanna say I’m sorry for raising my voice the other day, I know you did it for me, you wanted to surprise me, you’ve always been so nice to me and I took that for granted,” I said while looking at her earnestly, hoping to break down her defences.

She got up without a word and came back with a few side dishes.


“And…I’m sorry for tearing the tickets right in front of you, you must’ve felt so bad, I’m really sorry,” I reached out to hold onto her hands.

She pushed my hands away, picked up her soup spoon and started swirling around her warm soup.

“Aren’t we here to eat? What are you still doing here?” She said, attention shifted entirely onto the food.

I let out a laugh and picking on the coleslaw of my White BBQ Chicken set myself. I could see her glaring at me from the corner of my eyes. She’s strong, but she’ll never be able to resist food, and she knows I know that.

By the time we were done eating, it was already 10 pm. I walked up to the cashier alone to pay, thinking that I’d pay for her too to show my sincerity.

“With your SuperDeals voucher it’s just RM50.00 for two,” I was just about to take out my wallet when someone else handed the cashier the exact amount. I turned around to see her looking up to me with a reassuring smile.

“I had a great time today, thanks for everything,” she held onto my hand and gave it a tight squeeze.

Guess everything turned out better than expected in the end.

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