Why Do We Need To ‘See Miracle In Life Everyday’ (S.M.I.L.E)?

Do you still remember the last time you smiled happily? Today? Yesterday? Last Month? Or even last year?

As quoted by Mother Theresa, ‘Peace Begins With A Smile’. Whenever we hit any rock bottom in our life, just smile and every difficulties will pass through. So, why do we need to smile? Here’s 5 reasons why!

1. Look Attractive
Do you know that a smile can make you look attractive to people? This is because when you put on a smile on your face, people tend to think of you as a friendly and happy person, hence they will approach you with an open arm!

So, just smile and I’m sure your relationships with people will eventually improve tremendously!

2. Make A Better Impression
Have you ever encounter a situation whereby you want to impress someone, and due to your stone expression, they were slowly walked away from you? If yes, then is time for you to put a smile on your face!

Trust me! Putting a smile on your face, will eventually make a good impression on others as you are easily approachable too. So, if you had a special someone in mind, be sure to put a smile on your face when you are in the same room with him or her, and your smile will definitely charm them towards you!

3. Makes You Happier
‘A Smiling Heart Is A Happy Heart’, this quote is no stranger to us because when we smile cheerfully, that’s when we are truly happy!

Hence, if you had hit a rock bottom or had any difficulties now, remember to take a deep breathe and keep a smile on your face, everything will be better soon!

4. Makes You More Confident
Not only that smiling makes you happier and attractive, it can makes you confident in everything you do too!

If you are a person that lack of confidence in things that you do or yourself, no worries and just smile!

Smile can make people around you to believe in you, and eventually you will believe in yourself and had a long term confidence too!

5. Most Importantly, Smiles Are Free!
We often discuss that whether money can buy happiness, well, let me tell me the truth, NO!

This is because no matter how much money you had, if you are a lonely soul, you will not be happy too. So, the best free thing that could make us happy is… SMILE! It’s free and it can make us happy too!

When you smile happily, you will contagious others to smile happily too. Hence, we all will be happy even though we had any difficulties in our life!


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