Why You Should Get You A Girl Who Loves To Eat!

Guys, have you ever went on a date with a woman who ended up barely touching her food? Such a major turn-off!

While there is a scientific reason why women tend to eat lesser when in the presence of men (Google it!), but women who love to eat are the best kind of women. Shopping trips ALWAYS begin with food, Friday night’s in come with snacks and they usually know the best places to eat. You never have to worry about eating an entire pizza to yourself while she pushes around a green salad and most importantly, when she offers to make you breakfast on a Sunday morning, she probably doesn’t mean muesli and tea.

When you date a woman who loves food almost as much as she loves you, there are certain undeniable perks:

1. She will never judge your eating habits!


She understands that food makes you happy and she would never dream of standing in the way of that happiness. You eat those cheesy fries, you eat them all. She won’t judge, but she will probably ask for one. And she would most likely order seconds PLUS extra cheese sauce on the side. And maybe some minced beef sauce while she’s at it, too.

2. Most of your dates will revolve around food


You won’t encounter the #1 Most-Hated Question In The Entire Universe: “Where we gonna eat?” anymore! Not only she knows the best joints for delicious food, chances are the places she recommends won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Hey, sometimes it’s quantity, not quality, right?

3. No flowers, no problem: just get her a food bouquet!


She’s moping because you forgot your anniversary? Had a huge fight? Instead of flowers, get her a large pizza. Even chicken McNuggets can put a smile on her face! When you’re dating a food lover, buying her a box of doughnut *does* count as a romantic gesture.

4. There will ALWAYS be food at home


Because trust me, people who love to eat don’t just forget to buy food. More importantly, she’ll probably know how to cook it. Win-win!

5. If you take her to a buffet you WILL get your money’s worth!


You’ll never take her to a buffet only to find you paid for her to eat three forkfuls of noodles and a chicken wing. She will eat until her top button needs to be undone and you will both leave in need of a food-fueled nap. If buffets are her thing, you should really check this Korean BBQ place out!

People who love to eat are the best kind of people, so if you find you’re dating one, never let her go. There’s not a lot of girls who will attempt to eat you under the table and if you find one, make the absolute most of her. Eating is fun, but eating together is always better.

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