Wonder If He Is Your Mr Right? Spot These 5 Features on Your Loved Ones!

The right guy will be there for you when you hit rock bottom, they will also stay by your side every time you had a problem. But when you meet a wrong guy, he can pull you down from heaven to hell. Every girl wishes to be adored by their loved ones, but how do we know if he is the one?

Here are the top 5 signs you should look out for if he is the right guy for you!

1. Your matters are his matters
If the guy is the right one for you, he will always keep your problems or matters in his mind. For example, whenever you said that you are allergic to peanuts, he will bear it in mind and will not buy food that had peanut in it.

Besides, if you did not speak out your mind, he will also notice it and be there for you when you need any help. A man who loves you will never leave you alone when dealing with problems, but will be there by your side and went through tough times with you.


2. Prioritize you before others

Will you be worry if your other half always post pictures of his female friends? I’m sure we all girls do not like it when our boyfriends hang around with girls as jealousy will definitely kick in.
A good guy will keep a distance with his female friends, in order to prevent jealousy and misunderstanding. Now that’s a good boyfriend or husband!

Likewise, he will not keep or take any pictures with female friends too, because he loves you with all his heart and does not wish to upset you.


3. Apologize first when comes to arguments
A true gentleman will apologize first in any arguments with their missus, even though they do not agree with what you said, they will not argue or disagree with you. When you were angry, he will also be by your side to cheer you up again.

Especially during special few days in every month, where girls are not in a good mood! Pssshhh! Remember to give your lady a hot pack or hot chocolate to warm up their tummy! 


4. Tells you wherever he goes

We often heard that girls complain about their husbands or boyfriends for not telling them their exact location. However, guys will defend themselves by saying that the reason behind it is because they do not wish to be disturbed by the ladies.

A true man will not hurt or disrespect their lady, as this will lower their confidence and trust between the couple. If you love her, just let her know where you are, so that she will feel secure and safe.


5. Less sweet talk, more actions
Sweet talk maybe nice to the ears, but a guy that often flirt with you with all the sweet talk, might not be the right one for you!

A person that treats you well, does not need sweet talk and flirting because actions will prove everything. For example, when you got sick, your other half who care for you will immediately bring you to a doctor or buys you medicine, instead of nagging you on why you were sick.

A good man who loves you, will use actions to prove his devoted love and not through flirting and sweet talking to warm your heart.


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