Your Sleeping Style Determines Your Personality

Have you ever wonder if your sleeping pose can determine your personality?

According to scientists and psychologists, our sleeping pose can determine our health and personality too! Check if your favorite sleeping pose makes it to the list and how it reflects on your true personality.

1. The Log
Most people sleep like a log, as it is one of the most comfortable sleeping position. It means lying on the side with your arms by your side.

Personality Traits: People who sleep like a log are known as the sociable ones. Although they are friendly, carefree, and popular, these social, trusting people are known for being gullible.

2. The Fetal Position

The fetal position is when you sleep like a baby by curling your knees in toward your chest. This is also how the sleeping style got it’s name from!

Personality Traits: If you comfortable in this position, it means that you are a person who is tough on the outside, however is soft in the inside! You are also a shy type when people first meet you, and slowly you tend to relax and open up to them!

3. The Pillow Hugger

Pillow huggers got it’s name from a sleeping position of hugging a bear or bolster. People who has this sleeping style tends to they held a personal bonds in their life.

Personality Traits: Pillow huggers always cherish family, friends or significant others’ relationship over everything else. So, if you are a pillow huggers, then you are a person who loves everyone beside you!

4. The Freefaller
A freefaller is a sleeping position where you sleep by lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head face to the side! This sleeping style might be uncomfortable to some, however some are enjoy sleeping in this way!

Personality Traits: You are a social butterfly and bold person on the outside, however you are not good in dealing with criticism or absurd situation!

5. The Starfish

This is a sleeping position that similar to ‘starfish’, where you sleep by sprawling out over the bed, comfortable and free! If you are sleeping like this, then it means that you are a great friend to people around you!

Personality Traits: You tends to lend a helping hand or always be there for your friends in need! Long story short, you are a good friend to everyone!

6. The Soldier

The soldier position means that you sleep on your back with your arms by your side, just like a soldier!

Personality Traits: You are a quiet, modest and reserved person that hold both you and your friends around you to high standards and moral codes!

7. The Yearner

The yearner sleeping style means you sleep by hands reaching out for something by sleeping on your side.

Personality Traits: If you sleep in this pose, it means you are a person who is open-minded, but a careful thinker when it comes to make a decision. And you will stick to the particular decision after you make up your mind!

8. The Stargazer
This is the most favorite person of all, as most people sleep in this position where you will find yourself lying on the bed, with both arms wrapped around their head, similar to the stargazer lying on the grass bed to look at the sky!

Personality Traits: You put your friends on top priority and will do anything in your power to help them! You are also a positive person and tends to have ‘happy-go-lucky-‘ attitude!

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